In the depths of the ocean not far from New Zealand, scientists have discovered new properties of three shark species at once.

It turned out that they can glow in the dark: all sharks live in the so-called twilight zone of the ocean.


The new shark species have been named the kitefin shark, the black-bellied lantern shark and the southern lantern shark. The largest of them is kitefin, it grows up to 1.8 meters in length.


All three species prefer to hunt in the twilight zone of the ocean - as scientists call depths from 200 to 1000 meters, where light almost does not penetrate.


Oceanologists believe that bioluminescence performs two functions at once: it disguises the shark from possible danger from below and gives it an overview to search for prey.

The study of new shark species makes it difficult for their large habitat. At the moment, no other representatives of the luminous sharks have been found yet.


Resource:, YouTube/National Geographic

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