It happened in Labinsk. The cat went to the cafe window and started scratching them and calling people for help.

Some people went out to see what the animal wanted, and when cafe employees decided to drive the cat away, a couple forbade them to do so.


They wanted to take the cat in their arms, but she broke free and started calling the guy with the girl behind her.

The cat led the young people to the forest and they followed her into the thickets. Soon they saw a box.

This box was sealed with tape and stood in the middle of the road. The cat ran to the box and started scratching at it.


It was obvious that the animal was very worried. The young man tore off the tape and opened the box.

There saw a couple of newborn kittens, the cat immediately jumped in and lay around its children.

The couple took the box with mother and kittens home and decided to keep the cat to themselves.


Resource:, YouTube/Stories of Animals

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