This incident, which took place in Poland, is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

The fact is that a little terrier named Diego became a real rescuer who managed to come to the aid of a labrador who was injured in the forest.


The owner of Diego, Jerzy, lives in the town of Karpacz and daily takes his pet for a walk along the forest. Usually, walking does not differ with any events, on the contrary, everything goes very mundane and calm.

But not at this time. One day, while walking, the terrier smelled something and began to drag its owner towards the forest. It took the hedgehog a while to understand what was happening.


The dog looked at the depression for a long time, until he finally saw the barely noticeable emaciated body of the dog. The animal was alive, but completely exhausted. Jerzy immediately called a group of rescuers.


Fortunately, as noted by veterinarians, the Labrador rehabilitates quickly and will be completely healthy very soon. The owners of the dog dream of sending Gucho after his recovery for a walk with Diego. Surely the savior and the rescued will find a common language.


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