When Darius Brown was eight years old, his older sister showed him how to use a sewing machine. The boy sewed himself a tie with Ninja Turtles.

The next day at school, he made a splash - several of his friends at once wanted the same for themselves.

And Darius went back to the sewing machine. He sewed ties for half of the class, and wondered how else he could apply his hobby.

Two years later, a suitable case turned up. In 2017, a terrible hurricane named Irma hit the coast of Florida and Puerto Rico. Many families were left homeless.

But if charitable organizations helped people, then who will help hundreds of cats and dogs who were left alone to find a home? And Darius realized that he knew how to help them.

Animal shelters across America were overcrowded, and people, even wanting to take a dog, quickly tired of the abundance of unhappy eyes and shaggy faces, trying to find the very same pet that would become a friend and family member.

Darius quickly realized that with a bow tie, everyone looks cheerful and charming, because a bow tie is cool. 

When the cats and dogs rescued from the hurricane arrived at a shelter in New York, Darius was ready. He gave them 25 small or large bow ties for cats and dogs. It didn't just work, it worked!

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Shelter officials say the decorations especially help draw attention to older animals, which are often reluctant to be adopted by families.

Ever since he saw the effectiveness of the bow tie method after Hurricane Irma, Darius has been unable to stop, as how many animals find a new home depends on its effectiveness.



Resource: goodhouse.ru, YouTube/NowThis Kids, Instagram/@sirdariusbrown

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